Wellness Vacation Destination in Beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

A retreat is a vacation that heals.

Enjoy an all-inclusive package of spa services, delicious meals, fun exercise, and wellness programming– just steps away from the lake in the Midwest’s most luxurious resort town.

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Wellness Retreat with a Holistic, Comprehensive Approach to Well-being, Relaxation, and Health

Retreat to the Heartland

Since 1983 we’ve been helping people like you make lasting lifestyle changes. Whether you want to lose weight, exercise more, lose bad habits, gain good habits, or just think better, our all-inclusive retreats will help. We’ve helped thousands of others.

The most frequent comment we hear from departing guests is “life-changing.” Satisfied guests return every year to renew and refine their healthy lifestyle goals, enjoy our nurturing spa services, and reset good habits.

A retreat is a vacation that heals….

For some, the primary goal is losing weight. Others come for daily massages, nurturing spa treatments, and transformational conversations. Some want to prevent and address physical and mental health issues. Others seek grace in dealing with a difficult event. Some are maximizing health before a medical treatment. Others seek the ultimate spa-health vacation.

Everyone agrees: Our holistic, all-inclusive approach works!

Come with your friends, come with your mom, come with your partner. Everyone leaves feeling better and, best of all – living better.

Some previous guests have reported dramatic and sometimes remarkable results including reduced insulin dependency, a decrease in bad cholesterol levels, improved blood sugar, reduction of chronic pain, greater feelings of well-being.  No matter what goals you set for yourself, our compassionate, supportive staff will be with you on every step of your journey.  You can even take on-line and telephone coaching home with you!

Our Goal
Nourish YOUR mind, body, and spirit.

Help YOU create and enjoy the retreat YOU need to make the lifestyle changes YOU want!


It’s safe to say that if you want to live a long and healthy life, exercise is a must.  Physical excercise, when practiced regularly, increases stamina and overall physical health, and science also shows that it treats depression, ADHD, and other moood disorders. But if you are going to stick with it and make it a habit, fitness must also be enjoyable! Learn what YOU like from our menu of daily lakeshore walks, yoga and dance classes, body sculpting, tai chi, and other fitness classes. No matter what shape you’re in, you will find lots of options at the Heartland.

Every day you can choose many activities or just one (or none); it’s your choice. We care that everybody gets the workout they need, at every age, in any health condition.

Not sure where to start? A personalized health assessment may be added a la carte  to any package.


The evidence is in: What we eat matters a lot, especially as we age. There are many reasons to learn to eat a healthier diet, not only as a temporary weight-loss fix but also as a long-term lifestyle solution.  Our portion-controlled, delicious meals, served daily at the beautiful Baker House, have been developed to provide optimal nutrition – but also to nourish mind, body and spirit.

At the Heartland, we focus on evidence-based nutritional information, not fads. Our plant-based diet is not vegetarian, but it does encourage you to make vegetables the mainstay of your diet.

Not sure what to do once your return home? Personalized nutrition consultations may be added a la carte to any package.


Spa services soothe the soul – if you’re a seeker of balance, adding regular bodywork to your health regime might really help! Luxurious massages and rejuvenating facials are our most popular offerings, but our spa also offers reflexology, acupuncture, hot stone massages, Reiki, Tui Nah, fire cupping, accupuncture, arromassage, dry brush exfoliation, and other luxurious body treatments, both invigorating and deeply relaxing.

Spa services are included in every package, and additional services may be added a la carte.


Relaxation is the FOCUS of the experience at the Heartland. While all vacations are supposed to let you ‘chill out’, we seek to help you deeply relax here by 1. helping you get the right amount of  excercise, leading to better sleep. 2. eating beautifully prepared meals in a beautiful environment  and 3. our luxurious spa treatments .

We also teach you how to take that relaxation home with you:  we are committed to sharing a diversity of practices to reduce stress and tension, increase mindfulness and mind-body balance, and restore a natural feeling of well-being to your everyday life.

These practices come from a variety of traditions and incorporate internal body awareness and energy balancing techniques.  Each week we offer classes and informations sessions to help you learn to enjoy life more. Indivualized classes, assessments, and workshops can also be scheduled to help you meet your specific needs.

Our Location

You’ll stay steps away from the lake, at the Bella Vista Suites, a boutique hotel just a block away from the heart of Lake Geneva.  While with us, you will enjoy:
Charming Suites
Tasty Meals
Pampering Spa Services

And health education, which is the foundation of our program.

We Can Help.

Plan a visit.  Our compassionate, educated, professional staff has years of experience in helping people just like you make, meet, and exceed their health and wellness goals.