Assessments and Consultations


Assessment and Consultations

Personal Nutrition Counseling and Menu Planning Session – $100
Our Registered Dietitian incorporates information gathered from a client questionnaire, which includes a food diary, lab reports (if available), body fat percentage, medical history, client concerns, lifestyle, food preferences and personal goals. The information is translated into dietary recommendations and a calorically-appropriate healthy eating plan. You’ll receive concise, practical and personalized information to facilitate following the Heartland Spa’s dietary philosophy at home or on the road. Work with The Heartland Spa Registered dietitian to create your weekly meal plan by developing menus that are both nutritious and tailored to your needs. Individual weight and nutrient intake recommendations will be provided. Assess how your lifestyle may affect your eating plan and the changes that will help you reach your personal weight, health and wellness goals.

Personal Fitness Assessment and Consultation- $200
Achieve a higher level of wellness by assessing your current fitness profile. This assessment measures heart rate, blood pressure, body weight, body fat percentage, strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity to establish realistic goals and an appropriate exercise program. Allow one of our certified fitness professionals to design a fitness program for you to continue at home. Your session includes body composition analysis, personalized fitness recommendations, and analysis of proper form. You will receive a written outline of the recommended program, as well as handouts related to the exercises.[custom_frame_right]Exercise and thrive ant the Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort.[/custom_frame_right]

Personal Fitness or Yoga Class – $100
Experience a sixty minute one-on-one instruction with a fitness/yoga professional that is geared towards your level of fitness. Choose from a select menu of classes and work side-by-side with one of our trainers. (Limit 3 guests)

All prices subject to change, please confirm when booking.