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Body Wraps

Sea Salt Body Scrub - $75

Your skin will glow after we restore its natural radiance with this invigorating full body exfoliation. Warm oils and pure sea salt will cleanse, nourish and release toxins from the skin. Our Therapeutic Vichy Shower completes your treatment.

Smoothing Body Polish - $75

A full body spa exfoliation is recommended for our guests with sensitive skin. Using a vigorous rubbing motion, your cosmetologist will apply a fine-buffing gel which contains moisture-protecting pro-vitamin B5. This purifying indulgence will leave your skin feeling velvety smooth. Our Therapeutic Vichy Shower completes your treatment.

The Combo - $105

A treatment package combining two popular treatments that complement one another-our Sea Salt Body Scrub and Aromatherapy Oil Wrap. A total indulgence at a special price.

Milk & Honey Silk Body Masque- $110

Experience a spa "wrap" without feeling confined. Prior to your arrival, your treatment room is infused with milk and honey aromatherapy. A Sea Salt Scrub followed by a Vichy Shower will exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Our Dermal "Wrap", which is fortified with comfrey root extract, is then generously painted on from the neck down. Relax under our heated lamps as this super silky product completely absorbs into your skin. Finally, our creamy Milk and Honey Moisturizer is applied leaving your skin with a radiant glow.

Heartland's Signature Botanical Bliss - $120

Our signature treatment combines two popular treatments that complement one another-our Sea Salt Body Scrub and our Botanical Mud Wrap. Truly a total indulgence at a special price, as the Botanical Bliss includes two Vichy Showers.

Detoxifying Citrus Bliss - Seasonal - $125

Feel renewed with the nourishing benefits of Vitamin C. A warm citrus body polish provides a deep exfoliation to smooth your skin. After the first Therapeutic Vichy Shower, you'll enjoy the aroma of orange, lemon, lime, pink pomelo, tangy kumquat and luscious black currant as you relax in our orange peel body wrap, which detoxifies and nourishes your skin with anti-aging Vitamin C. Following the second Vichy Shower, your cosmetologist will assist you with the application of a vitamin fortified moisturizing citrus body lotion. Feel the zing from your toes to your nose!

Buff and Bronze - $140

Stay "sun-kissed" all year long without harmful exposure to UV rays. Our secret to ensuring long lasting color is to begin our bronzing treatment with a Full Body Buff to exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal healthy skin. Following a refreshing Therapeutic Vichy Shower, the Moroccan Mineral Self Tanning Bronzer will be applied. Your skin will radiate a healthy glow from head to toe with even, professional color.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are used in some of our salon and massage services and are available for purchase in our boutique. They have extraordinary healing properties (antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic) and are powerful oxygenators, which can strengthen the immune system. They detoxify by forcing metallic chemicals through skin tissue. These oils can travel through your entire body in 20 minutes and can stay in your system, providing your body with the benefits, for up to five months.

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