Facials and Skin Care

For your convenience, we recommend booking Spa and Massage Services prior to your arrival date by calling 262-248-2100


Heartland Customized Facial

25 MINUTES – $70facial

50 MINUTES – $95

75 MINUTES – $115


Relax and unwind as you receive our fully customized facial uses the finest Skin Fitness Therapy skin care line to find the right combination of cleansers and moisturizers to acheive the best results for your skin type. A gentlemen’s facial also includes a relaxing head massage.

Heartland Back Facial

25 MINUTES – $70

This treatment provides a deep-pore cleansing and conditioning of the back area. Designed for oily, acne or congested skin, it includes an exfoliation and mud-detox treatment.



Gentleman’s Facial

25 MINUTES – $70

50 MINUTES – $95

A thorough cleansing is a necessity for your skin’s health. Similar to Heartland’s Customized Facial, this has been designed specifically for men. Take it from our previous male guests, you will enjoy this “awesome” treatment and will emerge feeling like a new man!


Heartland Chemical Exfoliation

25 MINUTES – $70

Accelerating dead cell removal, this effective treatment will give the skin a silky texture by smoothing lines, lightening hyperpigmenation (sun spots), controlling breakouts and oil production all while leaving your face radiant and revitalized.




50 MINUTES – $120

75 MINUTES – $140

The perfect combination of massage and facial. This service is half dedicated to customizing the perfect facial for your skin type and half dedicated to relieving tension in your back, neck and shoulders (the areas your body carries the majority of stress).


Heartland Facial & Chemical Peel

50 MINUTES – $135

75 MINUTES – $155

A perfect combination of our Heartland Customized Facial and Heartland Chemical Peel, this luxurious treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and with a healthy, smooth complextion.


Seasonal Bootcamp Facial

50 MINUTES – $145

Ask about our seasonal facials! Discover the wonders of the sea to the ends of the earth naturally, for a remarkable system to re-create, and maintain a glowing, ageless appearance. An infusion to help repair, recharge, and restore skin’s energized, radiant appearance.

For more information email spa@bellavistasuites.com | 262-248-2100 or visit Heartland Spa located in the Lake View Lobby of The Bella Vista Suites.



Experience the benefits of therapeutic touch, connect with the joy of being nurtured, and feel your body become renewed. Reconnect with nature and experience personal wellness.

TripAdvisor Winner

TripAdvisor Winner

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Heartland Spa Nutrition

Sit down to enjoy three nutritious meals, eat mindfully, and enjoy the company of other guests who are on the same journey of discovery and personal growth.


Exercise and thrive ant the Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort.

Find balance and energy in a yoga class, set your intention to cultivate the qualities that will help you flourish, and learn about the ways to live your happiest, healthiest life.


Stress management at the heartland.

Create space in your life for new possibilities, rejuvenate body, mind and spirit as you spend time in nature, and savor a cup of herbal tea on the outdoor patio overlooking Geneva Lake.

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