What would the holidays be without food? Unfortunately, food plays a role in seasonal stress. According to a Greenburgh Quinlin Rosner Report, comfort eating related to stress levels increases for one in three people between Halloween and New Years. It is difficult to eat healthy while entertaining, attending social functions, shopping, decorating, ect., ect. Sugar and carbohydrates everywhere! Make the choice today to have a healthy, mindful, gratitude filled, stress free journey through November and December. Start your resolutions early. Consider these tips, and enjoy the season.
Never go to a holiday party hungry. Eat a small, healthy snack before attending an event where food will be served.In the buffet line, follow the “one plate” rule. Upon arriving at the event, survey the food choices and decide what you will have before filling your plate. Stop socializing when you’re eating. Take your time to eat what is on your plate. Remember what your mom said, “don’t talk with your mouth full”. Practice mindful eating. Take the time to really taste what you are eating… experience what it smells like and feels like in your mouth. At home, make healthy alternatives or lightened-up versions of your favorite treat. For example, choose brown rice over white rice, and squash over starchy potatoes.Give yourself permission to indulge in those special holiday treats made once a year. Remember moderation. Find some quiet time. Make a mental gratitude list every night before you go to bed or in the morning before you get out of bed. Be thankful for your body. Our bodies are pretty amazing. From breathing to metabolizing food, they do a lot of work. Focus on all of the reasons we are thankful for our bodies in which we live.
Be ready! There is no stopping now. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Cookies are next. Take a deep breath. It is time to celebrate the things and people that we love. Lead with GRATITUDE and follow with GRATITUDE. Happy Holidays.