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The Heartland Spa takes great pride in its guest speaker presentations and strives to present topics that are current, interesting, educational, and unique. If you or someone you know would like to become one of our guest speakers, we'd love to hear from you! Please email us at and include the words GUEST SPEAKER in the subject.

April 4-6, 2014
"Live Art" w/Craig and Jani Massey
Jani Massey is a singer, songwriter. Craig is a visual artist specializing in
painting and graphic design.

"Live Entertainment" w/Jani and "Art in Motion" with Craig and Jani
Art and relaxation combine in our Weekenf of "Live Art". The This weekend will leave you in awe of the beauty of vocal and visual art with the talents of Jani Massey, Singer, Songwriter, and Craig Massey, Painter and Graphic Design Artist. On Friday evening, guests will be serenaded by Jani's soothing voice and relaxing guitar. On Saturday, Art in Motion brings painting and music together as Craig's talent shine on canvas before your eyes while Jani provides more wonderful music to inspire and motivate his masterpiece. Come for a weekend of casual art appreciation. Leave with a sense of calm and a renewed perspective on health and happiness.

April 11-13 & May 23-26 2014
Stressed Out to Blissed Out Weekends
Natasha Lindor
MS, CPC, ELI-MP, Certified Life Coach, Speaker and Founder of the The AND Factor™

Do you ever struggle to shut off your brain from the stress of the workday and life's 'to do' lists? Or maybe you find yourself thinking, “If only I could change this one thing about myself, I’d be a lot happier?” or “Whoa, I need to take a chill pill!”

Regardless of what’s been stressing you out, your Heartland getaway will leave you feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired to make positive changes in your life.

… But what happens after you leave? Click for more

April 18-20, 2014
Terri Reasoner
"Ph.D., CPT
Engaged Performance
Optimizing Organizational Performance & Capacity
MBTI Certified and Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher"

"Awaken Your Lighter Side" Laughter Yoga and Positive Psychology: Tools for Levity
The weekend will start with Friday night's presentation of "Lighten-Up and Laugh". This Laughter Yoga session will allow guests to connect through laughter while letting go of their stress. This heartfelt connection through laughter will encourage a deep dive into the health and wellness of their spa experience while having some fun. A brief power-point presentation would provide grounding information to the "thinking-mind" Experiential Laughter Yoga exercises will be conducted to expose guests to the power of releasing stress through laughter. Saturday night's presentation: "Positive Psychology: 7 Habits of Happy People" will tie into Laughter Yoga while providing a brief introduction to Positive Psychology and how to tap into happiness. A power-point presentation will provide guest with a historical snapshot of Positive Psychology and offer the 7-habits happy people practice. Including practical tips and tools for incorporating the 7-habits into daily life.


April 25-27, 2014
Sharon Fiffer
What's Your Story? A Writing/Reading Weekend for everyone!

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether or not you're a beginner, an experienced writer or someone who only dreams of one day putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), this mini-workshop promises fun and insights for both writers and dreamers!

Interested guests will meet with Sharon on Friday night for a discussion and optional writing exercise based on a prompt. Bring a notebook--this will be fun!
On Saturday evening, Sharon will discuss Reading, Writing and Other Mysteries--Finding your way into a Story.

Sharon Fiffer is the author of eight Jane Wheel mystery novels published by St. Martin's Minotaur, most recently, LUCKY STUFF. Sharon has also edited three collections of literary memoirs, HOME, FAMILY and BODY. Her fiction and non-fiction has appeared in the Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, The New York Times and several literary magazines. She has taught creative writing and American Literature at The University of Illinois at Chicago and Northwestern University and is the co-founder of the Wesley Writers' Workshop where she currently teaches several writing workshops.

May 2-4, 2014
Gary Paruszkiewicz
Certified Stress Management Educator
"Withdrawal Into Stillness" Weekend

"Withdraw into Stillness" is a research based wellness program developed as a practical strategy to improve holistic health by reducing stress, alleviating pain, and improving healthful function of body and mind through the gentle movements and strategic breathing of Qigong, followed by deep relaxation and meditation. The program was developed by Dr. Jagdish Dave` with Gary Paruszkiewicz and has been shown to improve health, especially for cardiac dysfunction, and stress caused/stress related maladies when practiced regularly. This informative two hour workshop begins with an intellectual discussion of stress, offering practical stress management strategies, including the exploration of various meditation techniques. The discussion is followed with interactive participation: Mountain Daoist Qigong breathing technique – "5 Animal Frolics Qigong" – complete relaxation – and a guided Concentric Meditation technique.

May 9-11, 2014
Elizabeth Ristow
Heartland Reiki Master/Teacher

This experiential weekend will feature exciting, informative, and interactive classes facilitated by the Heartland's Reiki Master/Teacher, Elizabeth Ristow. She will be teaching on personal Energy Work--how to sense the Life Force Energy flowing through and around us, and how to focus and move this Energy (the definition of Energy Work) to bring about healing and balance in our lives!

Classes offered will give our guests the opportunity to work with their own Energy directly, using techniques that are fun and easy to learn! Guests will have the chance to experience using some of the 'tools of the trade' such as Meditation, Visualisation, and Crystals in their own self-care work! Elizabeth will also speak on Foot Reflexology ... how it works, its benefits, and how to use this wellness technique to address and support specific health concerns!

With the nice weather to support outdoor activities, as an added bonus, Elizabeth will facilitate a walking meditation using the Heartland Spa's very own Labyrinth! Here is a chance for our guests to learn about this ancient meditation tool that can be used to clear the energy field and help us focus on our goals for life, health, and happiness!

May 16-18, 2014
Janelle Brittain
"Steering the Roller Coaster of Change"

Yes, we are getting more used to change. However, certain types of change can still throw us for a loop causing stress, angst, upset and ill-health. Learn great insights into yourself and your situation in 2 workshops:Workshop #1: Learn how to identify your and other's change resistant symptoms in a fun interactive exercise gaining insights through this awareness. And measure your stress level against a checklist of side effects to see whether you are in the danger zone. Workshop #2: Offers methods to increase personal comfort and flexibility with challenging change situations, as well as show you how to introduce change to others so they will accept it more readily. You'll have the tools to answer these questions about any change:
How am I going to handle it?·        
What can I do to help make it easier on myself?·        
How do I tend to handle change now?·        
How can I increase my flexibility to handle any change I'm faced with?·        
What's the best way to introduce change so others will accept it?

Additionally, you'll learn ways to manage the stress of change. Laugh and think your way through change, while walking out with concrete action items

May 23-25,2014
Natasha Lindor
Certified Professional Life Coach, Speaker, Facilitator and founder of The AND Factor
"Stressed Out to Blissed Out" Weekend

"Do you ever struggle to shut off your brain from the stress of the workday and life's 'to do' lists? Or maybe you find yourself thinking, "If only I could change this one thing about myself, I'd be a lot happier?" or "Whoa, I need to take a chill pill!"

Regardless of what's been stressing you out, your Heartland getaway will leave you feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired to make positive changes in your life.

… But what happens after you leave?

When you join us for the Stressed Out to Blissed Out themed weekend, you'll get the expert guidance you need to be less busy, get more done and live a more blissful, balanced life when you get home. By the end of the weekend, you'll:

- Know the #1 secret that leads to bliss and balance no matter what is going in your life
- Recognize the 5 biggest barriers standing between you and the success you want, personally or professionally
- Have a plan of attack for maintaining the peace and balance when you get home
- Say no to the people, situations and experience that don't work for you with grace and ease
- Create small (and BIG) miracles in your life because you have the skills to shift your mindset and amp up your confidence

Stressed Out to Blissed Out is THE transformational weekend experience to give you everything you need to finally make the changes you want to make with fun and ease. Space is limited. Book your spot by calling our reservations team at 800-545-4853.

May 30-June 1, 2014
Erika Gilchrist
Becoming Unstoppable"

Erika Gilchrist "The Unstoppable Woman" is regarded as one of the most energizing, engaging, and captivating speakers in the industry. Growing up with traumatic beginnings has not only taught her how to adapt to change, but also how to overcome adversity. Erika is a Chicago native and during her youth, she has witnessed first-hand the effects that gang violence, drug abuse, and poverty has had on her community. As a small child Erika was a victim of sexual abuse from the very people who were supposed to be there to protect her. As a result, she developed a strong passion for empowering women to overcome barriers to make them unstoppable in their own lives.







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