Hadley Finch

Discover The Secrets Of A Happier Life And Relationships
During Our Happiness Coaching Weekend. 

Friday, November 30th through Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Would you like to feel happier in life and love?   
Ever feel stuck in unhappy thoughts and actions and want to break those habits?
Ever feel the pain of lost love, lost dreams, lost opportunities, and want to get over it?
Do you want to feel more positive energy and joyful enthusiasm every day?
Want to break through hidden barriers between you and the happiness you deserve?
Want to put old baggage behind you and create a happy life and relationships?

If you answered, Yes, to any question, and it’s my guess you did since you’re reading this, then what you’re about to discover will change your life.  Many people in the world feel the same way you do.  So what is this one simple thing that separates these people from you?

The simple answer is...information.  You now have the chance to get the information you need to do all the things I just mentioned.  How?

Join me for a happiness coaching-spa weekend, and you will discover secrets and strategies to bounce back from setbacks, leave old baggage behind you, get over a loss and go from feeling alone or being bored to happiness and bliss.

I'm your happiness coach, Hadley Finch, and I'm glad you're here.  I'm known as America’s Love Guide, because I help men and women get all the happiness and love you deserve as the radio host of A Lasting Love, the author of 911 Breakup Survival, the creator of  TribeOfSingles.com Guided Love Quest-Dream Travel Vacations, and the romantic rescue guide in TribeOfCouples.com

As you enjoy three exciting group coaching sessions with me in your heartland spa weekend, I help you make simple shifts and take new steps to go from where you are now--to be feeling less stress, doing more of what you love each day and getting all the happiness you deserve.  I also give you bonus gifts to keep you on the happiness track where you belong.

Treat yourself to a very special weekend of happiness coaching with me, as you also enjoy The Heartland Spa’s superb meals and snacks, fitness classes, back to nature activities, and luxurious spa treatments. Take great care of yourself in the idyllic, relaxed setting of The Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort, and get a great happiness boost--just in time to celebrate the holidays.

Hadley is a graduate of Northwestern University, a former Emmy-nominated producer/writer in Chicago television, a certified teacher, and a proud mom of two children, both happily launched. She’s excited to give you simple secrets and proven strategies to get all the happiness you deserve now.