Hadley Finch

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Heartbreak to Happiness

Heal Your Broken Heart at The Heartland Spa’s Heartbreak To Happiness Weekend

Friday, November 30th through Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Are you feeling the pain of lost love and seeking urgent relief?

Learning to live happily after suffering a devastating loss of a beloved partner through death, divorce or the breakup of a relationship is among the most important love lessons that can ever be taught.

Get the expert guidance and urgent care you need to heal your heartbreak and get back on the happiness track where you belong, when you participate in our Heartbreak To Happiness Coaching and Spa Weekend, led by America’s Love Guide, Hadley Finch.

Hadley is a love guide, who has experienced the intense pain of lost love and lost dreams after her long, happy marriage ended tragically. During the Heartbreak to Happiness weekend, she will share her personal experiences and the success secrets she has gained by working with the world’s top experts to help you recover from your own heartbreak.  The weekend will also teach you how to rebound from tough challenges, revitalize your love life, pass love tests, and move from being alone or bored to happiness and bliss.

Hadley is known as America’s Love Guide. She has helped thousands of men and women find and sustain great love as the radio host of A Lasting Love, the author of 911 Breakup Survival, and the creator of the world's first guided love quest in TribeOfSingles.com dating site and the romantic rescue guide in TribeOfCouples.com

As you enjoy several lively sessions of coaching from Hadley at The Heartland, she will give you a revolutionary roadmap to guide you around breakup minefields that destroy your health and happiness. She has used this roadmap to heal her own trauma from lost love and create the new life and relationships she loves. And you will, too!  How?

During Hadley’s Heartbreak to Happiness, you will discover how to:
Beat breakup stress, before it rewires your brain and beats you
Turn fear and loneliness into love in 2 steps
Write a happy new ending to your sad old love story, without lying
Feel loved and happy, no matter who is or isn’t sleeping next to you
Use a shocking remedy to solve love problems fast
Design the future you love now
Become the kind of lover who is happiest
Find out if you’re really over your ex
Discover 5 ways to love again, as if it’s the first time

You’ll also receive Hadley’s gifts and guides to even greater love and happiness!

Treat yourself to a very special weekend of personal coaching from Hadley as you also enjoy The Heartland’s superb meals and snacks, fitness classes, back to nature activities, and luxurious spa treatments. Take great care of yourself in the idyllic, relaxed setting of The Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort, and make the fastest, surest journey from heartbreak to happiness--so you feel like celebrating the holidays.

Hadley is a graduate of Northwestern University, a former Emmy-nominated producer/writer in Chicago television, a certified teacher, and a proud mom of two children, both happily launched. She is thankful for this opportunity to guide your journey from heartbreak to happiness, so you get all the love and happiness you deserve now.