Himalayan Salt Lamps


Himalayan Salts are the best kept secret to creating your own space of clean air and positivity. Every day we are surrounded by electrical devices that emit unhealthy ions. (i.e. computers, television, indoor lighting, etc.) These unhealthy ions absorb into our skin causing us to experience unexplained feelings of stress, anxiety and tension. The Himalayan Salt Lamp releases healthy ions into the electromagnetic field that combat the unhealthy ions. By removing the unhealthy ions emitted from the electrical devices, it allows us to create spaces of positivity. Once you experience the benefits…you will not only appreciate the beautiful ambience the lamps create, but also the health and wellness benefits.




Experience the benefits of therapeutic touch, connect with the joy of being nurtured, and feel your body become renewed. Reconnect with nature and experience personal wellness.

TripAdvisor Winner

TripAdvisor Winner

Thrillist publications rated Lake Geneva one of the world's 12 most luxurious lake towns!

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Heartland Spa Nutrition

Sit down to enjoy three nutritious meals, eat mindfully, and enjoy the company of other guests who are on the same journey of discovery and personal growth.


Exercise and thrive ant the Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort.

Find balance and energy in a yoga class, set your intention to cultivate the qualities that will help you flourish, and learn about the ways to live your happiest, healthiest life.


Stress management at the heartland.

Create space in your life for new possibilities, rejuvenate body, mind and spirit as you spend time in nature, and savor a cup of herbal tea on the outdoor patio overlooking Geneva Lake.

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