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We have Male and Female Massage Therapists available to serve you.  Please let us know your preference when scheduling your spa experience


Tune-up Massage - 25 minutes/$45

The goal of this massage is to reduce or rid pain in a specific problem area such as neck, shoulders, or back.

Sports Massage - $60

This massage is restorative and invigorating.  Your therapist will apply massage and stretching techniques to the muscles and connective tissue to enhance performance by increasing blood flow and range of motion.  You will remain fully clothed.

Swedish Relaxation Massage - 40 Minute/$60 and 55 Minute/$80

Our traditional full-body massage alleviates aches and pains, and leaves you feeling completely relaxed from head to toe.

Soleful Relaxation Massage - $80

Your therapist will first apply Aroma Seiz to your feet. While your feet are then in heated booties, the massage begins with your hands. After the booties are removed, the massage continues- from knees to toes, with attention to acupressure points on your feet. The relaxation radiates through your entire body. This massage is also beneficial to specific conditions such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

Therapeutic Aroma Massage - $80

This massage works in combination with pure essential oils to enhance energy flow throughout the body and lymphatic system.

Triple Treat- Head, Hands and Feet - $80

Stimulation to the scalp through massage releases tension to the head, neck and shoulders. Your therapist will massage a conditioner into your hair for a deep conditioning treatment. Hand and foot massage of pressure points are also included.

Heartland Barefoot Massage - $80

You will remain fully clothed for this service. In this unique style, therapist use bare feet to perform the massage while you lie on a mat on the floor. Stretches are incorporated which relase myofacial pain and aids in the healing process. Note: Therapists Do Not Walk On Your Back.

Custom Massage - $160

Integrate the techniques of a full-body Swedish Massage with one of five Specialty Massages for the perfect blend of relaxation and therapy. Combine Swedish with any of the following: Triple Treat, Raindrop Technique, Heartland Stone Therapy or Therapeutic Aroma.

The Heartland Stone Therapy - $160

A comprehensive treatment that empowers you to explore your physical, mental and spiritual connection with the healing properties of hot basalt stones.

Heated Bamboo Massage - $160

Heated Bamboo sticks are used in this massage to give the client a deep tissue effect. Effleurage, petrissage and kneading are performed with the warm bamboo sticks. Manual manipulation is also included.

Thermal Essence $175

Our Heartland Stone Therapy (see above description) combined with therapeutic essential oils

Deep Tissue 55 minutes/$110 or 90 minutes/$190

Deep tissue massage is used to release chronic muscle tension or knots, also known as "adhesions". These are typically found in the neck, low back and sore shoulders. Many people will ask for more pressure, thinking that the therapist will release all of their knots in a one-hour session. This will not happen. In fact if this is a chronic condition, your therapist would be working on a treatment plan that would include a home exercise program, working on your posture and relaxation techniques. Deep tissue should only be performed by a trained therapist in this modality. Deeper is not always better! Deep tissue is valuable, but you should also be aware of gentle styles of bodywork, like cranio-sacral, Reiki and lymphatic drainage with profound results. Each therapist brings their own special qualities to the table. Allow yourself to experience the journey.

And please consider our new Whole Body Reflexology & Energy Healing for details


About Essential Oils

Essential oils are used in some of our salon and massage services. They have extraordinary healing properties (antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic) and are powerful oxygenators, which can strengthen the immune system. They detoxify by forcing metallic chemicals through skin tissue. These oils can travel through your entire body in 20 minutes and can stay in your system, providing your body with the benefits, for up to five months.

Prices subject to change, please confirm when booking.

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