What are your resolutions for 2017? WholeHealth Chicago suggests these simple actions to make this a healthier year.
Here are a dozen or so small resolutions that will boost your health, are likely to prolong your life, and will just make you feel good:
1. Have one small square of dark chocolate each day.
2. Use more garlic in your cooking. (See the risotto recipe below!)
3. Have a cup or two of green tea each day.
4. Eat more organic fruits and vegetables.
5. Walk briskly outside for 20 minutes every day.
6. Laugh more – read more jokes, watch funny movies, invite your funniest friends over for dinner.
7. Decide what the single most stressful aspect of your life is and make a project of doing something about it.
8. Start planning and saving for a vacation, even if it means putting a few coins in a jar every day.
9. Vow to read labels and eat nothing containing high fructose corn syrup.
10. Take pride in the choices (environmental, social, political, personal) that you make.
11. Give away something of value.
12. If considering a new pet, rescue one.
13. Buy a child a book.