Since I was a young girl, passion has been an integral part of my life. My desires always included creating, dancing, music, and helping others. This zeal for everyday life has brought me into each moment with gratitude. It is a feeling that has not only pushed me into living a life of doing what I love, but has given me the strength to pursue more.
A strong driving force can lead to other opportunities and more choices in life. Listen to your heart and your gut and discover what you are deeply inspired by. When you truly hear your internal passion, effervescent color will be drawn to your life. Embrace it and become enriched.
Do not fear this penetrating emotion; you will be moved to a new realm. Embrace a commitment to an inner self that will be awakened. Wake up each morning ready to travel through the day with greater awareness and joy. Add desire to your life and truly enjoy each day. Open your eyes, open your heart, and breathe fully. Are you living passionately?
Passion inflicts with a flicker of hope
Hope that intrigues and takes you into its arms
Passion reflects inside out with true alignment
Aligning you to your hidden treasures
Passion is a present wrapped up in so many colors
Coloring in all of those empty spaces
Let your passion flag fly high
Without fear, nurturing you with great compassion
You will never look back
Welcome Passion!