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It’s Bittersweet

KimI’ve used the term bittersweet a number of times in my life, but none seems as real as today. 

If you’ve been to The Heartland within the last eight years, I’m sure you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kim Onnen, our Fitness Manager and Assistant Director.  Not only is Kim a highly credentialed professional with a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology and a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education, but she has helped hundreds of Heartland guests achieve their goals and make positive changes that will last a lifetime. I couldn’t ask for a more dedicated or more caring staff member.

After much consideration, Kim decided to accept a teaching position at her sons’ school. While the thought of losing her is “bitter” for all of us who have come to know and love her, there is a “sweet” side to the story. Teaching has been a dream of Kim’s for many years, and I’m thrilled that her dream has become a reality. I was also thrilled when Kim told me that couldn’t bear to leave The Heartland completely, so she will continue with us on a part-time basis and will also serve on our Fitness Advisory Board.

An added dose of “sweetness” is the fact that our own Raelene Honeycutt will be stepping into Kim’s shoes as our new Fitness Manager, while she maintains the position of Program Manager. Like Kim, Raelene is highly credentialed, is an incredibly enthusiastic and devoted employee, and takes exceptional care of our guests. I am confident that Raelene will do an excellent job in her new position.

Please join me in not only wishing Kim the very best of luck as she moves on to the next phase of her professional life, but in also congratulating Raelene, our new Fitness Manager!

Yours in Health
Harold Lebovic, President

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