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It's National Get Outdoors Month!

Get OutdoorsJune is National Get Outdoors Month and all of us at The Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort are encouraging you to do just that! Whether you're on your own or venturing out with family and friends, our country's spectacular parks, fields, country sides, mountains, lakes, and oceans provide countless opportunities for outdoor activity, exploration, and recreation.

Did you know that regular exercise in nature has been shown to improve physical and mental health? Did you also know that outdoor activity can help you maintain a healthy weight, while contributing to lower levels of stress?

If you visit The Heartland Spa in June, you'll find lots of outdoor fitness options including walking our beautifully landscaped grounds with mediation stops along the way, jogging or bike riding along our scenic paths, and paddle boating on our lake. We're also the first facility of our kind to offer an outdoor high-ropes adventure course, which is ideal for groups and team building.

In celebration of National Get Outdoors Month, I encourage you to get up off the sofa, call a friend, take your spouse and/or kids by the hand, and head outside. There's truly nothing like exercising in the great outdoors!

Yours in Health,
Kim Onnen, MS, ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist
Assistant Director, The Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort

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