Raelene Honeycutt, BS, Exercise Science & Sports Medicine,
Fitness Manager, Program Coordinator, The Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort

Having cabin fever? Do you need another reason to get outside? Exercising outdoors has been shown to burn more calories than exercising indoors? Now is the perfect time to get outside and acclimate to your local environment. What can you use to facilitate a not-so-boring workout? A picnic table? Playground equipment? Think outside the box - of the fitness center or studio. Here is an interval workout to welcome Spring into your fitness routine.

Grab a jumprope (or just pretend) - you can carry it or put it in a pocket or tie around your waist
WARM-UP = ten minutes
Start by walking and rolling shoulders forward ten times then backward
Next, cross arms in front and open to your sides, repeat ten times
Ramp up your walk by pumping arms - this should automatically quicken your pace
Jog if you're able or keep walking - modify as needed for the entire workout.
----------------------- this concludes the warm-up

Step to the side - squat and step together - ten one direction then switch
Perform push-ups off the narrow end of a picnic table - 10-20 reps. (If you would like more challenge - perform modified or full push-ups on the top of the picnic table or on the ground)

Jump rope for one to three minutes - feet together and jumping side-to-side

Tricep dips - sit on a bench hands next to hips with fingers pointing out toward toes. Moves hips off of bench and bend elbow to lower body then straighten. The further away your hips are from the bench, the greater the challenge.
Lunge walks - step out and bend both knees paying close attention to the front knee not exceeding the front toes. Push up through the heel of the front foot and step back foot to front foot. Step again other foot leading. Walk forward with a total of twenty steps.

Jump rope for one to three minutes - skipping and heel taps

Plank to side plank on top of the picnic table - hold plank for twenty seconds - turn to one side and hold for twenty seconds - plank again and hold twenty seconds - then turn to other side and hold twenty seconds.
Downward facing dog on top of the picnic table and perform shoulder presses by bending elbows and lowering forehead and then straightening arms. This can be performed with feet up a tree or with feet on top of the picnic table and hands on the ground, just make sure it is targeting the shoulders and not impinging on the neck.

Use the lines of a basketball court to perform sprints down and back for thirty seconds and walk for thirty seconds - alternate sprinting and walking equaling three minutes

Basic abdominal crunches on top of the picnic table - twenty reps.
Swimmers lying forward on the picnic table, alternate lifting opposite arm and leg - ten each side
Alternating oblique crunches - fifteen each side
------------------Relax and stretch!

Draw up onto your forearms and pull elbows back to feel a stretch in the abdominals, hold for three breaths
Dip one shoulder down and in feeling a stretch on your side, hold for three breaths and switch sides
Turn on to one side and bend your knee grabbing your ankle behind, hold for three breaths and switch
Press up and round your back out then sink hips back over your heels reaching arms forward
Sit tall with legs extended in front and exhale to hinge forward from the hips, hold for three breaths
Draw soles of your feet together opening knees to the side and hinge forward from the hips, hold for three breaths
Sitting tall, pull one arm straight across and pull in with other arm to stretch the back of the shoulder, hold for three breaths and switch arms
Stretch the tricep by bringing one arm up overhead and bending down gently pulling with the opposite hand, hold for three breaths and switch arms
Come to a standing position and reach arms overhead inhaling. While looking up, reach through the fingertips. As you exhale, slowly lower the arms out to your sides and down.

Breathe in Spring and welcome new possibilities and abilities you find yourself able to do!! Great job!!