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Energy Meditation
Shared by Elizabeth, Reiki Master

The Energy is everywhere … all around us and flowing through us. As you take a deep cleansing breath, be aware of the Energy in the breath. See it as a beautiful white healing light. Feel its warmth. Feel it filling you from head to toes … reaching every cell, every tissue, every organ, every organ system. Remember, it is safe to open up to the Energy. For it is Love and has only good things for you…

 The Energy is here to support you in all you do. So let Love fill your heart and mind, bringing peace to your soul. See the white healing light lovingly bathing your heart, filling it, healing it of all past hurts and scars. See the white healing light filling your mind, calming it, and bringing it peace… Relax into the light and just breathe and Be…

There is no judgment in Love … only peace and bliss. Allow your heart to immerse itself in its gentle flow. See and feel your heart respond. And feel the joy of being completely open to Love.

Now… watch as the Healing Love light flows from your heart throughout your body. Watch as it moves from your heart up to your head and neck, down your arms and hands, through your chest and belly, down your leg, and out through the soles of your feet. Breathe deeply and slowly as you move the energy through your being… Assume an attitude of surrender as the Energy of Love gently works in you… Take your time…

Now it is time to come back to this plane, so please gradually become aware of your body, breathing rhythmically, and bringing your attention to your surroundings. Notice the temperature of the room around you and the feeling of your clothes against your skin. Keep breathing as you wiggle your toes and fingers a bit. And when you are ready open your eyes… Take one last cleansing breath … smile.

Welcome back.

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