Emotional EatingAre You an Emotional Eater? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

One of our guests came across this quiz and decided to share it with our staff. We thought it was so interesting that we wanted to share it with you! While taking the quiz, be sure to keep track of how many A's, B's and C's you have so you know whether or not you lean toward emotional eating.

1. The majority of the time, the reason I eat is because:
a) I am physically hungry.
b) I'm bored, anxious or stressed out.
c) A medical reason (low blood sugar, etc.)

2. How true is this statement for you: "I often feel the urge to snack at the movies or while watching television."
a) Not true at all.
b) Very true for me.
c) Sometimes true, but not always.

3. Have you ever eaten because you were angry at somebody or as a way to take out your frustration?
a) No, not that I can recall.
b) Yes I have.
c) I might have once or twice.

4. Have you ever gotten so excited that you needed to eat or drink to calm yourself down?
a) No, never.
b) Yes, food often helps to sooth me.
c) I've never even thought of it that way.

5. If you were on a diet and "broke" it by eating a cookie, what is the most likely response you'd have?
a) I'd just put the cookies away and go do something else. One cookie doesn't make much difference.
b) I'd probably just finish off the rest of the cookies and start a new diet the next day
c) I don't diet so I don't know what I'd do.

6) Do you ever feel helpless to control how much you eat?
a) No, never.
b) Yes, sometimes I feel like that.
c) Not really, maybe at holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Now count up your answers and see what the majority of your answers are.

If you had mostly A's, you definitely don't have a problem with emotional eating. If you had mostly B's, you've probably experienced emotional eating in your lifetime, as most of us have. At least now you know what your trigger is (certain emotions) and you can work on handling them in order to lose weight. If you had mostly C's, chances are you aren't necessarily an emotional eater but you may be an UNCONSCIOUS eater. This isn't bad if you don't struggle with your weight and are fairly healthy. However if you do notice the scale starting to creep up, it's important to become more aware of why you eat and what triggers your desire for food.

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