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Don't Stress Out!
Did you know that April is National Stress Awareness Month?

Based on some of the stress related data (see details below) and the serious harm that excessive amounts of stress can place on our minds, bodies and spirits, it's not surprising that there would be an entire month dedicated to stress awareness.

Here at The Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort, we meet a lot of stressed out people. But, within minutes of their arrival, a beautiful transition takes place. They start to unwind. They slow down their pace. They breathe easier (must be the fresh country air!) Their anxiety levels drop. The tension leaves their bodies. And, they realize just how incredibly wonderful it feels to be relaxed and stress-free! They often walk in exhausted, tired and worn-out, but they leave feeling happy, refreshed and rejuvenated. It happens time and time again at The Heartland!

For those of you who have stayed with us, I know you can relate to what I've described above. There's something very special and unique about The Heartland Spa that creates an immediate sense of tranquility and peace.

For those of you who haven't been here yet, I hope you'll visit us soon so you can experience a stress-free getaway and all that The Heartland has to offer.

Yours in health,
Sherry Gossett, Executive Director
Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort


No Stress
Take Advantage of our
"Stress-Busting" Special
Complimentary Chauffeur Service April Visits
Heartland Chauffeur Service

Considering a springtime getaway to The Heartland? How about traveling in style? During the month of April, we are offering complimentary chauffeur service to and from the Heartland for those living within the Chicagoland area (for a minimum of 2 guests).

If you don't live in the area or prefer to drive on your own, you will receive a $100 certificate to be used on the products or services of your choice during April (special offer requires a 2 person minimum – each person will receive a $100 certificate).

Please call 800-545-4853 for details or to make your reservation.  Check Rates & Availability

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Did You Know?
  • One third of American children ages 8 to 17 say they worry about their family's finances
  • Two other major sources of childhood stress are homework and teasing
  • Stress balls, relaxation tapes and other stress-fighting products and services account for $14 billion worth of spending in the United States each year
  • 62% of Americans are stressed about work
  • Eating 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate every day for two weeks has been shown to reduce stress
  • A study of 42 female monkeys found that those suffering from social stress held more abdominal fat, which is a precursor to heart disease
  • Globally three out of five doctor visits are stress related. In the U.S. alone, $22.8 billion is spent on anxiety-related healthcare each year
  • Every year, more than 275 million working days are lost in the U.S. because of absenteeism resulting from stress
  • One in four Americans admits to having taken a "mental health day" to cope with stress. This costs employers $602 per worker/per year
  • Over 75% of the general population experiences some form of stress every two weeks

A Special Just for You! Happy Mother's Day

Relax - It's Your TimeVisit the Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort during the Mother's Day weekend or any time in May, either as an overnight guest or for the day, and enjoy our Employee Discount of 25% OFF all services in our salon and spa!

This promotion has never been offered before, so don't delay. Manicures, pedicures, massages, and more...all 25% OFF! Space is limited.

Please call 800-545-4853 for details or to make your reservation.  Check Rates & Availability

Have You Seen Our New Website? www.heartlandspa.com

Please take a moment to visit our new and improved website! As you will see, the updated layout and design have made it much more user friendly, allowing you to find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

There are lots of new photos, wonderful videos, a special section dedicated to promotions and discounts, as well as an enhanced recipe corner. The new site also allows you to check availability at your convenience. We hope you take a peek!

Recipe Corner

Gift-Wrapped Salmon

Gift Wrapped SalmonIngredients:
1 cup sliced carrots
1 cup sliced zucchini
1 cup sliced tomato
1 tablespoon dried basil leaves
2 teaspoons dried thyme leaves
2 tablespoons olive oil
8 salmon fillets (4 ounces each)

1. Preheat oven to 350º.
2. Cut 8 (8-inch) squares of parchment paper.
3. In large bowl, toss vegetables with herbs and oil.
4. Place an equal portion of vegetables in the centers of the 8 parchment squares
5. Place one salmon fillet on top of each of the vegetables
6. Fold the bottom corner of paper up and over the filling. Then fold in side corners. Fold top corner down over packet, tucking it under bottom edge to seal and form envelope.
7. Place the envelopes on a large baking sheet.
8. Bake 25 minutes. Once done, place each parchment envelope on a plate and open just before serving.

Yield: 8 Servings/Nutritional Information per Serving
Calories: 184, Fat: 8 g (37% calories from fat), Protein: 24 g, Carbohydrate: 5 g, Cholesterol: 59 mg, Sodium: 88 mg

Tips for Overcoming Stress
  • Allow yourself plenty of time. Being too busy and running from one thing to the next is a large source of stress.
  • Find some time to exercise. It's a great stress buster. Even a short walk around the block will help alleviate stress
  • Get plenty of rest and do your best to eat well.
  • If you're feeling stressed, don't be afraid to discuss your problems with a friend or family member.
  • When stress hits and you start feeling overwhelmed, take a time-out. A few minutes away from the problem can do wonders.
  • Breathe deeply…slowly in and slowly out. When doing so, close your eyes and think of something that makes you happy.
  • Plan a visit to The Heartland!
Upcoming Guest Speakers

The Heartland Spa takes great pride in its guest speaker presentations and strives to present topics that are current, interesting, educational, and unique. The following speakers will be with us in April. If you or someone you know would like to become one of our guest speakers, we'd love to hear from you! Please email us at info@heartlandspa.com and include the words GUEST SPEAKER in the subject.

Nancy Trock

Street Smart Self-Defense
Nancy Trock: CPT NCCA, Owner of T-Renegade Fitness
April 13-15

Street-Smart Self Defense is for everyone! Compiled for the benefit of people of all fitness levels, these simple and effective tips and strategies will empower you to be much more confident with more skills in a very short time. Tap into your warrior spirit and gain physical, mental and emotional self-preservation strategies!


Leslie Levine

Wish It, Dream It, Do It:
Turn the Life You're Living into the Life You Want

Leslie Levine: writer, public relations professional and author
April 20-22

Getting what we want out of life takes more than gazing at stars or daydreaming about becoming a millionaire. We need to hold on tight to a dream while doing the hard work necessary to make it a reality. We need to wish it, dream it, and do it!



Stress and Your Health
Linda Ugo: BSN, MS
April 27-29

Certified in Stress Management, Linda presents methods for controlling stress in our lives. Every participant will receive a "take home" stress-reduction technique that is easily assimilated into any lifestyle.

Visit us in April and enjoy COMPLIMENTARY round-trip chauffeur service for 2-6 guests.
Please call 800-545-4853 for details.
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