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The Heartland Spa prepares an abundance of low-fat, high flavor healthy meals and snacks for you each day.
Tempting and satisfying examples include grilled salmon served over spinach-mushroom ravioli in a broth with ginger, garlic, orange zest, snow peas and red peppers and fresh berries crepe drizzled with vanilla sauce and almonds. You will not feel deprived, we promise! Fresh fruit and vegetables, bottled water, juice, tea, coffee and hot cocoa are available to our guests throughout the day and night. Our healthy meals and snacks calculate to 1,500 calories daily for women and 1,800 for men.

Food for Thought at the Heartland Spa

The average American eats a diet high in fat, sugar and salt and low in complex carbohydrates. At The Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort, visitors are educated in proper nutrition, as well as shown pleasing ways to eat correctly.

Many people come to The Heartland Spa with questions about nutritional controversies. We attempt to clear up areas of concern and emphasize a common sense approach where 'moderation in all things' is our motto.

Our menu includes lots of fruits and vegetables supplemented with protein, whole grains, and low-calorie dairy products. Emphasis is on creating meals rich in flavor, texture and presentational appeal. High in complex carbohydrates (fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes), our menu it is low in sodium and fat. The menu is also low in calories, but nutritional balance is stressed, as is slow, safe and permanent weight loss. But no one goes hungry at The Heartland Spa! For those whose focus is not on weight loss, additional portions may be requested.

The Heartland Spa's education program includes lectures on nutrition basics, food preparation, and behavior modification techniques for weight loss. Professionals from a variety of fields speak regularly at The Heartland on topics relating to nutrition, as well as fitness and stress management.

Many people come to The Heartland with hopes of making big changes in their lives. We provide them with the tools and information needed to take steps toward a healthier lifestyle and greater personal satisfaction. The Heartland Spa is unique in comparison to other spas in that we consider facilitating these hopes our primary purpose. Our staff will counsel guests who have specific concerns about achieving their 'healthstyle' goals.

None of us can afford to function sub-optimally. Sound nutrition is the first step toward living a full life with the health and stamina required to achieve whatever an individual wishes. We demonstrate at The Heartland Spa that nutritional ideas are easy to live with and can be incorporated into the schedule of the busiest person.