Relaxation and Stress Management


Relaxation and Stress Management

Stress could be considered a national disease. It is associated with a host of physical, emotional and social disorders, from arthritis to heart attacks, and affects millions of Americans nationwide. Here at The Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort, we address this wide-spread problem by offering a variety of effective techniques for dealing with stress.

Our goal is not to eliminate stress, but rather to monitor, manage and utilize it. The staff at The Heartland Spa advocates a three-part approach to stress management involving education, exercise and nutrition.Stress management at the heartland.

The first phase is education. Recent studies indicate that minor daily irritations contribute more to stress build-up than major catastrophes. Instruction at The Heartland Spa will help you become more aware of how tensions accumulate and will introduce you to various attitudinal approaches – everything from positive thinking and calming mental imagery to improved communication strategies for defusing harmful stress. Relaxation is an active mental process. When combined with physical conditioning, it produces a new, healthier and more energized state of being.

Exercise is the second component of The Heartland Spa’s stress management program. During your visit, you’ll explore a variety of exercise techniques. Yoga, tai chi, guided relaxation, and stretching classes increase awareness of your body, using progressive muscle relaxation and controlled breathing. Exercise classes that work you harder will release hormone and “feel good” chemicals. The American College of Sports Medicine has stated that exercise can reduce depression as effectively as prozac or behavioral therapy.

Step three is nutrition. To counteract the generally high-calorie, low-nutrient American diet, The Heartland Spa’s healthy menus provide balanced nutrition with a minimum of sodium and fat. The Heartland Spa wants to help you improve the quality of your life and your health. What you learn about nutrition at The Heartland Spa can be practiced at home and can help prevent degenerative diseases.

The Heartland Spa staff is confident that its three-step plan can offer substantial results, especially for those willing to make some changes in lifestyle after their visit.