“March arrives, the last hurrah of winter and the first whisper of spring. This month we plant the seeds of simplicity in the fertile soils of our souls.”

– Sarah Ban Breathnach

This quote is from my favorite daily reader, Simple Abundance. I open up the book knowing that the perfect soothing words will be there. We are all anxious for spring to arrive and yearning for change and growth. Enduring winter’s short days and cold temperatures, we bundle up, put our heads down out of the wind, and mindlessly scurry to work or to complete our errands. Spending more time indoors, we turn to social media, texting, and Netflix.
Hurrah for March! It is time to UNPLUG and enjoy the longer days and milder temperatures. It is time to step forward into new possibilities and release stale, stuck patterns from the winter months.
At the Heartland, we offer you an opportunity for renewal in mind/body wellness and to shed familiar patterns of comfort food and hibernation. Our friendly and dedicated staff will journey with you as you fully embrace the limitless potential of spring.
We hope to see you in March for spring renewal. Also, please consider joining us for the Heartland’s own special retreat, An “Unplugged” Event on March 10-12. Reconnect to your true self.
Wishing you a life filled with love and light,
Ruth Rorig
Program Director