A Yoga Retreat to Balance Energy
March 10-12, 2017
Leave your cell phones and laptops behind… unplug at the Heartland. This weekend is designed with energy and chakras in mind.
Unplug physically and mentally from the stress of everyday life. Explore and learn about your personal energy centers and how negativity inside and out is denying you true happiness and freedom. Energize and balance through yoga, massage, Reiki, meditation, and sound. Reconnect to your true self. Be filled with love and light.
Join lead facilitator Ruth Rorig and the entire Wellness Team at the Heartland Spa & Fitness Resort in celebration and gratitude for two years of amazing success and life-changing experiences at the Lake Geneva property.
Space is limited. Visit us again or for the first time. All are welcome: men, women, couples, friends, and relatives.