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Our wax consists of a blend of honey and beeswax. This is a gentle epilation treatment that lasts longer than tweezing or shaving. We offer the following waxing services: eyebrow, lip, chin, full face, underarms, forearms, bikini and legs. Prices range from $10 to $80, depending on the areas being waxed.

Specialty Waxing For Women


Brazilian Bikini Wax - $50

Leaves a very narrow width.

Classic Brazilian Wax - $80

Full hair removal.  

Detoxifying Foot Bath - 30 Minutes - $60

Cleanse, balance and enhance your bio-energy, or Chi, with this popular service. The foot bath provides an environment for your body to directly absorb millions of charged ions. Within seconds of placing your feet in the bath, the ions alkalize your blood and tissue and begin to neutralize your body's acid wastes. Widely used to increase physical and mental energy and stamina, it is also beneficial to cleansing your body by drawing out the impurities and assisting your body to heal itself.

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