Our Approach

Our Approach
Heartland is bringing back a better diet and all NEW weekly based program! For over 30 years, our mission was to offer the best ‘living / raw’ food, plant based meals to our guests, and we are getting back on the right track again now! All of our foods that we serve now for lunch & dinner, are gluten and dairy free, raw / living greens, sprouts and vegetables, or an optional blended meal (if you desire). Some nuts, seeds, or avocado may be served as well, which are always labeled. We will also provide several different FRESH juices throughout your stay with us. Just let our staff know which you prefer.

Meals are included during all 5, 7 and 21 day packages. For breakfast we provide morning juice or fruit, plus a new healthy coffee alternative, liquid minerals, calm (to help you rest), structured water, and a selection of organic tea’s are always available. Lunch & dinner are always nutritious portion-controlled meals. Yes, you can ask for seconds!

Healthy Eating/Tasty Food & Juice


Changing how you eat is a challenge for all of us! Just wait until you go out with your friends and family, which we will have plenty of support help for you regarding social eating during your stay. The evidence is clear that a plant-based, living food (even vegan) diet helps lower the risk of many cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, stress and other diseases common to our western civilization. A plant-rich diet will also aid in weight loss and weight maintenance. In fact, it is widely considered the healthiest way to lose and maintain ideal weight.

But eating should also be a pleasure!

Our approach to food at The Heartland is quite simple: Make it easy to eat & enjoy all of the things that are good for us, by making vegetables, sprouts, greens as tasty as possible. However, we don’t stop there – we also know that deprivation is not sustainable, so all meals should also be flavorful and satisfying. Beyond our meals, every juice we serve is considered a nutritious meal, in a liquid, easy to digest, form. Finding this balance in your life at home is easier after you practice it here! Don’t miss our lectures that will provide valuable insights in bringing home any change in lifestyle.

The Heartland Spa prepares an abundance of raw food / plant based, high flavor healthy meals for you each day. Tempting and satisfying examples include Greek salad, cabbage apple slaw, poppy seed dressing, Asian cucumber salad, mango salsa, coconut sour cream, avocado cream cheese, dill pine nut dip, cashew cheese, vegan chili, energy enriched soup (blended), red pepper soup, cream corn, curry cauliflower rice, spicy cheesy bbque cauliflower wings, raw pizza, onion / almond, chia crackers, pumpkin pie, almond milk, cinnamon rolls, raspberry crisps, and even some lemon cheesecake. You will not feel deprived, we promise! Water, tea, and a fabulous coffee alternative are available to our guests throughout the day and night along with two bottles of structured water provided daily in your in-suite refrigerator.

Our menu includes lots of vegetables, some fruits, sprouts, whole sprouted grains & seeds, avocado and plenty of flavorful juices. Emphasis is on creating meals rich in flavor, texture and presentation appeal. High in complex carbohydrates (fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes), our menu it is low in sodium, oils and fat. The menu is also low in calories, but nutritional balance is stressed, as is slow, safe and permanent weight loss.

The Heartland Spa’s education program includes lectures on nutrition basics, hands on food preparation, communication (verbal diet is just as important), taking it all home with you, digestion, social & emotional eating, art therapy and behavior modification techniques for weight loss. Professionals from a variety of fields speak regularly at The Heartland on topics relating to nutrition, as well as fitness and stress management. Our guests also take part in one juice day as well as silent day. Very powerful when attempting to change any habit or addiction.

Many people come to The Heartland with hopes of making big changes in their lives or maybe just to lose some weight and have a ‘healthy’ / smart vacation for their body & mind. We provide them with the tools and information needed to take steps toward a healthier lifestyle, better choices and greater personal satisfaction. The Heartland Spa is unique in comparison to other spas in that we consider facilitating these hopes our primary purpose. With our 3 week / 21 day program, anyone from the novice to the expert will experience a life change, let go of stress, find some personal answers, regain their health, have a better night’s sleep, and be more conscious of the world around them. Our kind and knowledgeable staff will counsel guests who have specific concerns about achieving their ‘health style’ goals.

None of us can afford to function sub-optimally in today’s environment. It’s time to wake up, be aware and also…be kind again. Sound nutrition is the first step toward living a full life with the health and stamina required to achieve whatever an individual wishes. We demonstrate at The Heartland Spa that nutritional ideas are easy to live with and can be incorporated into the schedule of the busiest person. All of our lectures and hands-on classes will provide the tools you need to stay on the right path once you return home.

Many Americans suffer from basic to severe health issues that are directly related to their diet. We do understand that certain foods will help our body with the healing process, while other foods actually prevent this from happening. Other physical issues have to do with emotional stress caused by many unseen, or unrealized surroundings such as your job or even a person in your life. It may also be that your house is under or near power lines or even the way your bed is positioned. Something very simple could make a huge difference in the way you feel, both mentally and physically. We are excited to help you along your journey, and offer a safe place to come relax, detox, cleanse, weight loss, stress relief, or just ‘get away’ from it all. Welcome to Heartland!

Food for Thought at the Heartland Spa…

The average American eats a diet high in fat, sugar and salt and low in complex carbohydrates. At The Heartland Spa and Wellness Retreat, visitors enjoy a delicious, portion-controlled raw living food / plant based, all vegan diet. Many of our guests come to The Heartland Spa with questions about nutritional controversies. We attempt to clear up areas of concern and emphasize a common sense approach where ‘moderation in all things’ is our motto. Making the small changes, mean a huge difference in your health and in your life!