Spa Services

Learn more about our all-inclusive retreat packages.

You need only to read our on-line reviews to know that our spa is something special! Spa credit is included in every Heartland Retreat Package and additional services can be booked a la carte.  Our spa is also open to the public.


Heartland Relaxation Massage
full-body, stress-reducing, light-to-medium pressure
50 minutes: $99          70 minutes: $129          90 minutes: $149

Heartland Deep Tissue Massage
therapeutic, deeper pressure
50 minutes: $139          70 minutes: $159          90 minutes: $179

relaxation massage with essential oils
50 minutes: $119          70 minutes: $139          90 minutes: $159

Hand or Foot Reflexology
(cannot be done during pregnancy)
pressure is applied to specific areas on hands or feet to reduce pain and promote health
Choose one for 50 minutes: $99          Both for 90 minutes: $149


Acupuncture and Reiki

small needles inserted into body at specific points for healing
70 minutes: $149          90 minutes: $169

Reiki Energy for Relaxation
laying of hands gently on/above body to promote well-being
50 minutes: $99          70 minutes: $129          90 minutes: $149

Spa Enhancements

Mini Hands, Feet, or Scalp Massage
(with purchase of a service)
10 minutes: $10


For clients not participating in Heartland Retreat Packages, payment is due at booking.

We require 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule, or your service charge will be retained.

Please call 262-249-6601 for assistance.