• As you may already know, everything we offer is located in our main building; guest rooms, all food and juice, lectures, exercise, store, main office, sauna, pool, massage, and other therapy sessions. Lake Geneva, WI has four seasons and, at times, will be warm in the summer months or chilly / cold climate during the late fall & winter; wear comfortable, casual clothes made of breathable fibres for the summer: T-shirts, shorts, slacks, sundresses, exercise clothing. You may want to bring a dressier outfit for a special occasion. If you are visiting during the winter, you’ll want to bring warm clothes, long sleeve shirts, sweat pants, and jackets (possible snow). Please always bring a bathing suit and slippers (flip flops) as our pool & sauna are open all year and located in a public area.

• Other useful items are: audio recorder device or ITouch, blank tapes (some lectures may be audio recorded but no video), note pad, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, Yoga clothes, sweatpants, sweatshirt, and comfortable shoes / boots. A camera may come in handy to capture all your memorable experiences. However, please no video recording of any lecture.

• Many of our guests purchase supplements, books, gift items, etc. It is suggested to bring an extra collapsible bag in case you need extra carry on space to bring items home. We are also more than happy to box-up and ship any items home for you. Some of our larger items, like juicers, will be shipped to your home (within the continental US), free of charge! We do accept all major credit cards, and there is an ATM on site.

• Your new diet consists of a wide variety of sprouts, green salads, fruits, blended meals, and a variety of vegetables. Also, there will be juices, smoothies, green drinks and herbal teas. To make your transition to living foods easier, try to eliminate or reduce your intake of meats, dairy products, fried foods, sugar, coffee, sodas and processed foods at least one week before you arrive. (LOL if that was easy, you wouldn’t need to come! We do have a sense of humour here!).

• Bring your current prescription medications and supplements. DO NOT STOP TAKING ANY PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION YOU ARE PRESENTLY ON. Please bring enough for your entire stay with us.

• We attempt to stay a fragrance free location, inclusive of strong scented perfumes, colognes and oils as this could adversely and severely affect our chemically sensitive guests. We will have several natural and organic wash soaps and shampoos available in our store throughout your stay.

• Extra spa services are available for an additional charge to all our guests. These are reserved by our guests and on a first come / first serve basis. Please be aware that additional treatments may be scheduled through our store in advance at an additional cost by calling 262-248-2157.

• If you would like to venture off campus, remember to save a meal if you will not return by lunch or dinner. Please ask us for advice on where to go and we may also provide you with other transportation companies that will bring you to and from your destination.

• Please keep all matters regarding your health condition and tuition confidential. Please focus only on your personal goals of rest, rejuvenation, cleansing and an amazing education.